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    A Guide to Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Did you know that the most common summer breakdowns are the result of neglected car maintenance? Going to a car repair shop and getting your vehicle inspected and tuned will ensure smooth and safe driving all summer long. Here are the services you should be sure to have done for your car before the dog days of summer arrive.

    Check the Tires Your car’s tires need to be inspected this summer at least once per month. During this inspection, use a tire gauge to compare the actual pressure of the tires with the recommended pressure level inside your car’s owner’s manual. You should also check tire tread levels by using the penny test. Insert a penny, Lincoln’s head down, into the tire tread; if you can see his entire head, it’s time to get new tires.

    Inspect the Cooling System Open up your car’s radiator and make sure you have enough coolant in the fluid reservoirs. This fluid is essential to keeping your car’s engine cool, especially if you’re going to be towing anything or driving through the mountains.

    Replace Wiper Blades and Fluid To ensure that you have the best visibility during summer rainstorms, it’s important to replace your wiper blades. After six to twelve months of use, they will start to become less effective, which can make driving through a heavy rainstorm a safety issue.

    Get a Tune-Up Before Your Summer Road Trip To reduce the chances of having car trouble on your next road trip, be sure to take your vehicle to a repair shop for summer maintenance. During this tune-up, a mechanic will inspect the hoses and belts for damage, inspect your vehicle’s fluids, change the air filter, check your brakes, clean your battery, and make sure that your air conditioner is functioning properly.

    Take your car to Walt’s Danville Service to get the maintenance and repair services it needs to function this summer. Call our auto repair shop at (925) 394-4092 for more information about preparing your car for summer driving. And check out our website to learn more about the auto repair and car maintenance services we offer.

    Get The Facts Behind Engine Troubles And Brake Problems When You Visit The Sites Below

    Last updated 11 months ago

    By staying informed and knowledgeable about your vehicle’s engine and major systems, you will be better prepared when a problem arises. You will also have a better understanding of the repairs that your mechanic suggests. Get the facts behind engine troubles and brake problems when you visit the sites below:

    The mechanics at Walt’s Danville Service will be happy to help you with your engine troubles and brake problems. Call our automotive repair shop at (925) 394-4092 to schedule your next car service appointment at Walt’s!

    The Critical Role Played by Your Auto Glass

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Your auto glass is a crucial component of your automobile’s safety system. Your vehicle can be equipped with two types of glass: laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass. Laminated safety glass is typically used in windshields and provides safety, support, and durability in the event of a collision. This type of glass is created with a combination of glass and polyvinyl, which provides a strong barrier between you and the outside world while also offering unobstructed visibility of the road ahead. To learn more about the critical role played by your auto glass, watch this video from the National Glass Association.

    To schedule maintenance for your windshield or door glass, call Walt’s Danville Service at (925) 394-4092. You can also visit our website to learn more about our auto repair and maintenance services. Our car repair shop will provide you with a great range of auto repairs and services for your automobile.

    Engine Troubles: Why Won't My Car Start?

    Last updated 12 months ago

    When your car’s engine won’t start, it can often be an extremely inconvenient and frustrating experience. By understanding some of the basic factors that can prevent your engine from running, you will be able to repair your engine and get back out on the road more quickly. Here are some common reasons why your car’s engine won’t start: 

    Fueling Problems One common reason that your car won’t start can be traced to an issue with the fueling system. If you have neglected your gas gauge for too long, your car might simply be out of fuel. An engine that has plenty of fuel can still experience issues with the fueling system. You might have a clogged air intake, which will prevent the fuel from becoming oxygenated. There might also be something wrong with your fuel that is preventing it from combusting.

    Bad Compression When there is a problem with your compression system, your engine will not be able to properly combust air and fuel. If a problem with your compression system is preventing your engine from working, it could be caused by a worn piston ring, a broken intake or exhaust seal, or a hole in the cylinder. To determine if the compression system is at fault for your engine problems, you will need to have a compression test performed by your mechanic.

    Worn Spark Plugs Your spark plugs might also be at fault for your engine problems. When your spark plugs wear out, the engine will not ignite, and your car will not start. If your spark plugs are in good condition but your engine will still not ignite, you might also have a problem with your ignition timing. This will make it so that your fuel does not combust at the proper time, which can cause a variety of engine issues.

    If you are having trouble getting your car to start, the expert mechanics at Walt’s Danville Service can repair your engine issues. Call our service center at (925) 394-4092 to make a service appointment today with one of our experienced auto repair specialists.

    Car Maintenance 101: Avoiding Common Car Repairs - [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Mechanical troubles can leave a vehicle stranded on the side of the road in need of an involved repair service. Fortunately, many car repairs can be avoided with basic maintenance services at Walt’s Danville Service. Check out this infographic to learn more about the most common reasons for car repairs and which maintenance services will reduce the likelihood of car troubles down the road. To save other drivers some money and make the roads a safer place, share this infographic with your friends and family!


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